How Your Attorney Bills Affects Your Contract

Obviously, you need a healthcare attorney to either prepare an offer or review the employment contract you’re considering.  But beware the attorneys who want to bill you by the word or hour and then want to “negotiate” the agreement.  A standard contract preparation or review typically cost less than $1,000.00 for a flat fee billing.  We recently dealt with a candidate who was using an attorney who billed by the hour to be their negotiator.  Both parties “were in agreement” but after $3,500 of negotiations on “hereto” “therefore” and other semantic changes the employer decided he no longer wanted someone who kept asking for more changes.  Ask for a synopsis of what needs to be clarified or negotiated.  The best approach is the discuss directly with the group to make sure you understand it and to see how they handle the business side of medicine.  You can always return to council for additional advice as needed.

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