Questions To Ask Before You Sign

  1. Reason for hiring?
  2. If replacing departing physician reason for departure?
  3. How many physicians have left group in past 10 years?
  4. If replacing retiring physician their practice volume.
  5. What is expected clinical and surgical volume for new associate?
  6. What is primary service area size? secondary?
  7. How many competing specialist are in primary area? secondary?
  8. What are political or referral factors with other competing specialist?
  9. Ratio: Practice call E.R. call Any second call
  10. What is current ownership structure?
  11. Expected frequency of getting called while on call.
  12. What is the Payer-mix by %.
  13. What is groups’ overhead percentage?
  14. Does group own its office building or lease space, if so years remaining?
  15. How many square feet, # exam rooms and # procedure rooms.
  16. Is billing done in house, if so average tenure?
  17. Are there any spouses or relatives involved in the practice?
  18. What is typical weekly schedule of physicians?
  19. Description of equipment currently available at office.
  20. Description of hospital and equipment?
  21. Backlog time of group to schedule a new patient?
  22. Does group utilize P.A.’s. or other assistants?
  23. Any anticipated or current support staffing availability issues with new or existing office?
  24. Last year group saw how many patients?
  25. First year Income guarantee range?
  26. Partner’s top end potential?
  27. What is the productivity or bonus arrangement?
  28. Partnership available after how many years?
  29. How much is the partnership buy in?
  30. What is it based on?
  31. Partnership income is distributed by what formula?
  32. How are existing versus new patients assigned?
  33. Please provide a sample copy of your employment agreement.
  34. Key contacts cell # or back-door number for after hours.
  35. Email addresses for Administer, Partners and/or key individuals.
  36. Tenure / background of administrator.
  37. What is the history of the group? Year founded mergers, departures.
  38. What are the short and long-range business goals of the group?
  39. Are regular staff meetings held? Do all of the doctors attend?
  40. Does the practice use electronic or manual system for scheduling, billing, and/or insurance filing?
  41. What type of promotions are conducted to help new physician establish their practice?
  42. What other duties will you have – administrative, managerial?