Should I Stay in This Practice?

Questions to Ask for Practicing Physicians

Professionally Speaking, is This the Right Practice For Me?

  1. Is your practice providing you with the clinical volume you want?
  2. Are you provided the opportunity to fulfill your long term professional goals?
  3. Does your practice allow you to have enough time to provide adequate quality of life?
  4. Are you receiving adequate compensation for the work you do?
  5. Do you receive adequate support to maximize your productivity?
  6. Are you doing the amount of procedures or surgery you desire?
  7. Are your opinions regarding practice operations respected and acted upon?
  8. Do you respect your practice associates?
  9. Will the deficiencies of the practice change in a reasonable time frame?
  10. Would I make the same decision to practice where I’m at now if I had it to do over again?


    If you answered “NO” to 3 or more of the above questions you should consider alternatives and act because you want to and not wait to act when you'll feel you have to due to years of frustration. Many of the Physicians we've assisted are people who've have known us for years. Our approach can be as fast or slow as you choose. We will discuss an opportunity pro’s and con’s, to determine your level of interest before proceeding. Our approach is to listen, tell us what you’re looking for. If we have an opportunity that fits your needs, great, we’ll talk about it. If it doesn’t, we can discuss what will.

    If now might be the time to decide what you want to do with the rest of your career, respond or call regarding situations nationwide. With over 25 years of recruiting experience we understand your needs and concerns regarding confidentiality.