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Welcome to Integro Healthcare

Welcome to Integro Healthcare, a nationwide healthcare consulting and physician Recruitment Company. We represent clients from coast to coast and with our decades of experience we know our clients and candidates each have unique needs - just like the patients they heal. The healthcare recruitment information presented here is gleaned from over 25 years’ experience that allows us to work expeditiously on your behalf. We have sustained one of the longest track records in the industry by ensuring that candidates and clients make the decision that's best for their long-term needs. Our business philosophy is guided by this and our other Golden Rules, which you will see sprinkled though out this web site.

Our healthcare recruitment service is guided by our Golden Rules

Golden Rule #1:   If you help enough individuals make the decision that is right for them, then you will benefit as well.

Golden Rule #2:   Other recruiters believe their job ends when they introduce physicians; we believe our job has just begun.

Golden Rule #3:   The interview should not be a discovery process, but a confirmation of the facts.

Golden Rule #4:   There is no best or worst business model when it comes to physician recruitment; there are many pathways to a “relationship” which is the key to success.

Golden Rule #5:   When you’re interviewing remember both sides are being judged. The goal of any interview is to sell yourself or your opportunity.  Unless someone wants your job or until someone sends you a contract to sign, you don’t really have a decision to make.

For more information, please email us at information@integrohealthcare.org


Hi Bob - hope you are doing well...I've been meaning to write you back from all your help last winter - things have been going so well, and I've been so busy here! I am glad I took your advice to jump on this opportunity from Indiana. It really has been a great fit, and my family and I couldn't be happier. 

Miguel W., M.D. - Midland, TX

Thank you Bob for all your kind assistance and helping me find such a good fit. All three of the candidates interviewed were excellent choices. Finding a practicing physician who is from the area and wanted to relocate back home ASAP made the decision on who to hire easy. I look forward to working with you again.

Sanjeev J., M.D. - Longview, WA

We had done the typical on-line advertising and the career fare’s and had several candidates of our own but we ended up hiring the best candidate we had was the one Integro was able to find for us.

John W., M.D. - Plano, TX

I had several urgent needs that needed to be filled ASAP.  Integro was able to find excellent prospects that were qualified and interested within days. They put me in the position of picking out the candidate who I liked the best. I’ll use Integro again for all our expansion needs; they saved me time and money.

Prasad N., M.D. - Medical Director - Silver Springs, MD

They took the time to understand our needs in a very difficult time with a recently departed founder. Their suggestions on transition strategy really helped focus our efforts.

Marian K. - Administrator - York, PA

Integro did what they needed to do in the manner I needed to do it to find me a great fit.

Charles R., M.D. - Murray, UT

Our physicians were very particular on who they wanted to hire. Bob at Integro took the time to understand our needs and found someone who was an excellent fit.

Tom S. - Administrator - Texarkana, TX

We had lost a colleague due to a difference in philosophy of care. We wanted to have continuity of care with a philosophy on quality. Integro was able to provide us with a very good fit and were very pleased with their service and follow up.

Patricia S. - Administrator - Wayne, PA

Integro did a great job, not only were they able to find a great candidate who cared more about the practice than the money or the contract but they were able to find someone who could start working part time immediately until they started full time.

Eric R., M.D. - Silverdale, WA

Integro filled our need with a practicing physician who was practicing with us within six months from when we signed up with them. Their observations about the practice and guidance in structuring our offer were critical components to success.

Mark G., MD - Durango, CO

Integro was very helpful in explaining what candidates were seeing from the groups we were competing with to hire a dermatologist. The options they offered on how to structure the compensation package and non-compete issues helped us put together a package everyone was comfortable with.

Debra M. - Administrator - Kansas City, MO

Integro exceeded my expectations Bob explained our options and helped me negotiate a deal with to bring in the perfect candidate to take over my practice and set up my transition to retirement.

Sam F. MD - Morristown, TN

We’re in a hard to fill location; Integro kept working on our opening and continued to send us excellent prospects till the job got filled. The practicing physician from the neighboring state came in and hit the ground running!

Michael W., M.D. - Florence, AL

We were looking for a surgeon for over a year before contracting with Integro. They not only found someone for us in only a few months but he was a terrific fit and had the type of personality we were hoping to find. We’re using them again for all our expansion plans.

Jeff M. - Administrator - Rockaway, NJ

We contracted with Integro and had our physician hired in less than 90 days, They have continued to send us excellent prospects for other locations we are expanding into.

Ron G., M.D. - President - Toms River, NJ

We had very specific requirements to insure the growth of our practice. Integro was able to provide us with several excellent choices and our biggest problem was picking out the candidate we liked the best.

Leslie C., MD - Medical Director - Aurora, CO

We were working with another firm that did not perform, Integro was able to find candidates who not only wanted to be here but were willing to accept what we were able to offer.

Jerry K. - Administrator - Long Beach, CA

Integro sent us several excellent prospects and kept working with us until we found the right fit.

Joel L., M.D. - Teaneck, NJ

I was looking for over a year and using multiple contingency agencies. Even though I was in a desirable market the other recruitment firms were not able to find the right candidate for me. With Integros client focused approach they were able to fill my need in about 3 months and help me negotiate and close the candidate on the deal I wanted to offer.

Shailendra K., M.D. - Riverdale, MD

I needed to find a new colleague for my practice ASAP; Integro found someone who was a great fit for me!

Ed B., MD - Hoover, AL

We had very specific requirements on the skills and type of person we wanted for our group. Integro’s timely follow-up helped in insuring the process moved forward in a reasonable business like fashion.

John T., MD - San Diego, CA

Integro found us someone who was more focused on the job and not just the money. Their professionalism and knowledge of GI sets him apart from all other recruiters I've dealt with.

Gary T., MD - Fayetteville, AR

Integro gave us the feel of working with a much larger recruiting firm, coupled with personalized service from a recruiter who knows the market very well. They took the time to understand our needs and customized their approach with excellent results. Their low-key, focused and measured approach to recruiting provided us with excellent candidates who fit our practice well. We were very pleased with the service and in 4 months we made 2 offers and got one hired.

Mike K. - Administrator - Hamden, CT

Integro is an organization I have known for years. I have come to rely upon them to fulfill all my recruiting needs.

Pete D. - Administrator - Winston Salem, NC

They sent us several excellent candidates who had much in common with the partners in the practice. Even though we're a smaller group of 2 and we couldn't offer the most money They were able to find someone who was willing to accept what we had to offer.

Robert M. – Administrator - The Woodlands, TX

We had tried several agencies that tried a little and then went away. Integro was the only one who kept working with us until he found a great candidate practicing in the state who was able to relocate and start seeing patients in a few months.

Borris C., M.D. - Raleigh, NC

Not only did Integro find the right fit, they were able to provide us with good feedback after the interview that helped everyone stay on track until the deal got done.

Mark B., M.D. - Rockville, MD

They not only found the perfect fit with someone who was open to our opportunity, but they helped us from losing the candidate to someone else at the 11th hour. We would not have gotten the deal done without their input!

Sam B., M.D. - Chattanooga, TN

Integro has been a great resource over the years, the physician he placed with us years ago has worked out great and his business perspective on what other groups are doing to handle today’s challenges offer a unique perspective with his contacts.

Lee M., MD - Roanoke, VA

Integro’s Practice Profile Questionnaire really helped us gather the right information to prepare us for interviewing candidates and answering all their questions. Their ad in the Nationwide practice flyer attracted several good prospects.

Brent P., MD - Grand Junction, CO

We would not have gotten the deal closed without Integro’s assistance. Not only did they continue to send us excellent backup candidates but they were able to get a commitment from the candidate we really wanted with a very professional manner.

John P, MD - Fayetteville, NC

Integro recently placed a second physician with our group; both candidates have been exceptional additions to the practice

Tarun K., MD - Rochester, NY

Integro’s results were impressive; they filled our position in under 6 months. Because we had several candidates to choose from  they guided us to focus on the right one and helped us uncover all the candidates’ questions/concerns to close the offer in a timely fashion.

Alice C. - Pensacola, FL

Integro found me someone who was not scared off by how our local healthcare market was changing and the changes that the practice had to endure.

Keith H., MD - Naples, FL

Our group had been searching for years without success to grow to meet demand. A planned retirement forced us to consider alternate methods. Not only was Integro able to find a practicing physician to start work and transition with the retiring physician but they also found a new graduate who will now allow the practice to expand.

Mark W., MD - Prescott, AZ

Integro was always available to talk with me evenings or weekends to keep the process moving. I was so impressed with the service we've recently hired them to find another candidate.

Adel Y., M.D. - President - Warren, OH

We've used Integro for several searches on our hard to fill openings for over 5 years and they have consistently provided us with good prospects

Steven S., MD - Chair Department of Surgery - Albany, NY

We’re in a small community in rural KY; Integro recruited a practicing surgeon who was working here in less than a year!

Jane W. - Administrator - Campbellsville, KY

We had a very tough search in a rural location, we had several good leads and they kept working on getting more till we got a great fit in. We will use them again when we’re ready to expand again.

Greg L., M.D. - Leesville, LA

Integro has performed every time we’ve had a need, even though we are in a hard to recruit for location they supply good candidates quickly and allow us to choose the one we like the best. I will call them again when we have a need.

Suzanne P. - Administration - Middlebury, VT

Integro’s results were impressive; they filled our position in under 6 months. With several candidates to choose from, they guided us to focus on the right one and helped us uncover all the candidates’ questions/concerns to close the offer in a timely fashion. They have now filled 4 positions and is batting 100%

Richard W. - Vice President - McComb, MS

My practice was shrinking not growing, with Integro’s help we were able to add someone and stabilize the practice.

Doug G., MD - Edmonds, WA

Integro took the time to understand our group and specific needs as opposed to simply sending us any C.V. This, as well as their consistent communication, made our search process run smoothly, and cost efficiently. I have tried others that charge less but have continued to use their services for years now, because they always come up with excellent candidates very quickly.

Paul L, Administrator - Brunswick, GA

Integro was successful in our search I would recommended him and have to many associates.

Greg M. - Administrator - Stillwater MN

Integro was the most professional and took the time to go into more detail than anyone else we’ve dealt with. I’ve recommended him to Hartford Hospital to assist them in a difficult search.

Jim D., M.D. - Hartford, CT

Integro completed our search in about 5 months, that’s pretty good! They're free to call me.

Scott J. - Administrator - Gainesville, FL

Integro was able to answer any questions I had and found a great position meeting my specifications. I will suggest my friends use your service.

Christian B., M.D. - Vista, CA

Everything was handled in a professional manner.

Philip H., M.D. - Fredericksburg, VA

Integro is the best I have dealt with!

Duane H. - Administrator - Beaumont, TX

Integro was a joy to work with and made the whole process easy and enjoyable. I will recommend him and your company to all my colleagues.

James F., M.D. - Franklin, IN

I have used others and Integro is the best, they built my group up to 6 people in two years.

David D., M.D. - Tyler, TX

Integro found a female urologist who had the experience we needed to expand our practice. There were available 24x7 to keep us up to date.

Ira K., M.D. - Ocala, FL

They filled my position in less than 90 days the doctor turned out to be a terrific fit.

Ramon S., M.D. - Toms River, NJ

Integro was a joy to work with and will definitely use again, they helped us find a replacement quickly when we had an unexpected departure.

Cindy R. Administrator - Phoenix, AZ