The Road to Successful Physician Recruiting

Everyone is competing with any number of other hospitals, groups, physicians and communities, appropriate aggressiveness and consistent methodically in every phase and activity of this process will increase results. It’s imperative to do all that is possible in every situation.The following is a list that includes some, if not most of the things you should always do:Respond to leads immediately with both a phone call and a personalized letter, accompanied by a good package of information. If you do not have an attractive information folder, you need to invest in one and not just toss material into a brown envelope, etc.
Follow-up all correspondence within 7-10 days by another telephone call.
Do not be put off by candidates who are too honest and say I’m considering several opportunities. There are physicians in every community who never dreamed they would end up where they are.Get your medical staff involved – as many as you can (pre, during and post visit).
Have a written agenda or visit schedule of events ready upon their arrival.
Ensure that they will be staying in the very best lodging accommodations – even mini-suites if available.A nice little bunch of fresh cut flowers to them from the community welcoming them along with a small fruit or snack basket from the hospital should always be done.Arrange luncheons when possible – either in the hospital or nearby and invite some of your medical staff.

A short briefing by the Chief Nursing Officer regarding the nursing situation is also something to be included on your agenda.

Dinner functions should include an adequate number of positive-thinking members of the medical staff, and their spouses if at all possible, as well as community leaders and selected other professional citizens. Endeavor to include some in their age group.
A well planned tour of the area is also a must – if it’s thrown together at the last minute, it may not be the image you want to make. This includes schools, places of worship, recreational opportunities, housing, land, etc. The wrong realtor will hurt your efforts.
Immediate follow-up (within 24 hours of your departing hand shake) to a visit by letter or hand-written note, followed by a promise to make telephone contact within a week is imperative.

Keep the process moving to a conclusion with timetables laid out to candidates and internal stakeholders.