Our approach is to listen. If we have an opportunity that fits your needs, great, we’ll talk about it. If we don’t, our extensive network may be able to find one that will. A very common response we hear is: “No one has taken the time to listen and asked me the types of questions you have".  We will discuss the opportunity pro’s and con’s, to determine your level of interest before proceeding. 
Because we’ve specialized in physician recruitment for over twenty five years many of the groups and hospitals we work with are people who’ve known us for years and who know we provide them with the type of personalized service not found elsewhere.
Our Golden Rule #3 is: The Interview Should Not be a discovery process but a confirmation of the facts.
If you would like to know the 3 most common mistakes physicians make in choosing a practice feel free to give us a call at 314-993-5033 or submit a request via


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