Good Interviewing Protocol

When a potential employer offers to pay for your expenses and interviews you for a position let them know if you don’t want the job!  We hear stories all the time from clients who are continually amazed by the poor etiquette exhibited by candidates they interview, often at great expense.  We recently were told a typical story from a client who accommodated a candidates request for a Sunday meeting and who also had their Administrator and Accountant in attendance.  Not only was there no “Thank You” provided by a simple email or text, but repeated inquiry’s to them were completely ignored.  The bridge burned and at some point down the road paths will cross and stories will be told.  A simple thanks for your time is the best way to keep your options and reputation intact!


Happy Thanksgiving!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year.  We live in the greatest country in the world that affords us more opportunity than anywhere else.

Lets all be thankful for what we have and to help those who could use a helping hand.

What does partnership mean?

Partnership means different things to different people.  Make sure you both have the same definition of what it is to help you determine if that type of “partnership” is right for you!

Physician Recruitment

Everyone is competing with any number of other hospitals, groups, physicians and communities, appropriate aggressiveness and consistent methodically in every phase and activity of this process will increase results. It’s imperative to do all that is possible in every situation.The following is a list that includes some, if not most of the things you should always do:Respond to leads immediately with both a phone call and a personalized letter, accompanied by a good package of information. If you do not have an attractive information folder, you need to invest in one and not just toss material into a brown envelope, etc.