How to Burn a Bridge

We recently had a physician who replied to an opportunity in their ideal location.  It looked like a perfect fit.  When we followed up with the group about why they weren’t interested they said the head of the group was introduced to her by the program director the previous year.  A meeting was set, and she never showed up or followed up to apologize for missing the meeting.  Well, she did say she was sorry a year latter when he texted her after receiving the CV from us asking why she didn’t show up.  Make sure to never be too busy for basic professional acumen, in the small world of medical professionals as it’s taken as a sign of how you treat others i.e. patients and staff!

How Your Attorney Bills Affects Your Contract

Obviously, you need a healthcare attorney to either prepare an offer or review the employment contract your considering.  But beware the attorneys who want to bill you by the word or hour and then want to “negotiate” the agreement.  A standard contract preparation or review typically cost less than $1,000.00 for a flat fee billing.  We recently dealt with a candidate who was using an attorney who was “incentive” to be their negotiator.  Both parties were in agreement but after $3,500 of negotiations on “hereto” “therefore” and other semantic changes the employer decided he no longer wanted someone who kept asking for more changes.  Ask for a synopsis of what needs to be clarified or negotiated.  The best approach is the discuss directly with the group to make sure you understand it and to see how they handle the business side of medicine.  You can always return to council for additional advise as needed.

Prepare Before You Job Shop

Just like buying a house, know where you want to live and what features are important or just on the wish list.  Saying I’m “open to anywhere for the right job” does not convey what you really want, what is important and will send you off to places that are a waste of your time.  Your and your spouse should independently write down the most important criteria and then compare notes before you get on an airplane.

New Job Considerations

Review your current employment or partnership agreement.  What are your notification timelines and your fiduciary obligations for ownership in ASC’s, MOB’s?  How will your departure impact current partners regarding contracts the group is obligated to?  Also contact your malpractice carrier and get a quote on tail coverage, it can be substantial but can often be negotiated into a new package.  If you are divorced but have custody of children verify if you’re allowed to take them out to state or out of reach of your ex.

Husband & Wife Dual Physician Careers

Your and your spouse are both physicians.  The future is so bright you need to wear shades.

You both have that ideal job of course in that ideal location in mind.  Unfortunately, the reality is you or your spouse are going to be disappointed if you both go off on independent searches to find your ideal job and assume then your spouse will find an “acceptable” opportunity in the same area.

Deciding whose job is primary will save time, and frustration down the road.

Good Interviewing Protocol

When a potential employer offers to pay for your expenses and interviews you for a position let them know if you don’t want the job!  We hear stories all the time from clients who are continually amazed by the poor etiquette exhibited by candidates they interview, often at great expense.  We recently were told a typical story from a client who accommodated a candidates request for a Sunday meeting and who also had their Administrator and Accountant in attendance.  Not only was there no “Thank You” provided by a simple email or text, but repeated inquiry’s to them were completely ignored.  The bridge burned and at some point down the road paths will cross and stories will be told.  A simple thanks for your time is the best way to keep your options and reputation intact!


Happy Thanksgiving!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year.  We live in the greatest country in the world that affords us more opportunity than anywhere else.

Lets all be thankful for what we have and to help those who could use a helping hand.

What does partnership mean?

Partnership means different things to different people.  Make sure you both have the same definition of what it is to help you determine if that type of “partnership” is right for you!

Physician Recruitment

Everyone is competing with any number of other hospitals, groups, physicians and communities, appropriate aggressiveness and consistent methodically in every phase and activity of this process will increase results. It’s imperative to do all that is possible in every situation.The following is a list that includes some, if not most of the things you should always do:Respond to leads immediately with both a phone call and a personalized letter, accompanied by a good package of information. If you do not have an attractive information folder, you need to invest in one and not just toss material into a brown envelope, etc.